In 1995 Roxanne Tauriello Ministries began it’s ministry to Africa. Amazingly this work began due to an interview with David Berkowitz the former “Son of Sam.” During this interview which received the CAPE award for best religion program, David began to share his love and ministery to the people of Africa. These people included pastors and evangelists such as Jacob A. Atuliba with Preach Christ Prison Ministries. Servants of the living God crying out for Bibles and Christ centered materials.

Over the years evangelists, pastors, prayer groups, Bible studies, etc. have written requesting (begging) for Bibles, commentaries and Christ centered materials, etc. These items are freely donated and shipped along with other evangelistic materials which we produce such as tracts, Bible studies and Christ centered videos all freely donated for evangelistic outreaches and growth in the child of God.

Some requests we have received:

Pastor Elyah Gipasi: “Please I use Jesus name that I am in need that is why I am pleading on your most anointed feet… please holy Bibles.. holy books.”

Prince Boateny (age 18): “Please we have organized a fellowship but some of us don’t have Bibles.”

Rev. Alexander Appiah (Freedom Ministries): “We need used Bibles. If used or new we will appreciate it.”

Rebecca Mambuliya (age 13): “Please try and provide me with things that would enable me to study the Word of God like Bible, and other things to help me believe in God and follow His teachings.”

 Pastor Amoako Twumasi: “….I am begging you to send me in large numbers holy Bibles, New Testaments, preaching cassettes, tracts and books as much as you can. I do hope you will never disappoint me and my church.”

Some thank you notes we received:

Jacob Atuliba: “I take this opportunity to thank you emphatically for your efforts you have made toward the upkeep of my ministry. Before I got to know you the ministry had not enough tracts, books, teaching materials, tapes, Bibles and it was difficult for us to get funds to board market trucks to prisons to preach the Word of God. For now we can boast that our ministry distributes tracts, Bibles preaching cassettes or tapes to the prisons and the general public”

Pastor Emanuel Tannor: “I have received the 40 Bibles on behalf of the church and myself I express my heartfelt thank you to you and all those concerned–indeed we are grateful.”

Rev Alexander Appiah (Freedom Ministries): “….Thank you very much for both old and new Bibles, Bible studies magnifying glasses and the used clothes including Christian tapes and Christian books, We were about to send people out for a missionary work at the rural areas so all the old and new Bibles and used clothes were sent to the rural areas and one prison center. We are using the Bible study booklets in our new converts classes….

A.O. Gbeto (His Grace Prayer Group): “I am thanking you for the Bibles mailed to me. They are fine ones, and I appreciate it very much…”

Laryea: “I could not believe my eyes when I received my parcel containing a beautiful pastor’s Bible. I was very happy and showed it to my parents. We all used it that very night.”