The Roxanne Tauriello Show is a production-outreach of Roxanne Tauriello Ministries, Inc. This television program which is produced and hosted by Roxanne brings on born again Christians from varied backgrounds. Guests have included Dr. D. James Kennedy, and Dr. Joseph H. Douglass of Sayre Woods Bible Church in Old Bridge (the church of the Christmas Drive Through), Chaplain George McGovern of the Yankees baseball team and the New York Giants, opera star Jerome Hines, former Congressman Mike Pappas, along with sports figures such as Marvis Frazier, NFL players Ray Agnew, Scott Gragg and Charles Way to David Berkowitz, the former Son of Sam who has been zealously serving his Savior and Lord for over fourteen years.

The Roxanne Tauriello Show–David Berkowitz’ testimony won the CAPE (Cable award for programming excellence for best religion program). Guests also include those who head up Christ-centered organizations such as America’s Keswick Colony of Mercy and Rev. Rob Cruver of the Zarephath Bible Institute.

During the interview guests reveal their former way of life. Some speak of lives filled with addictions while others tell of the so called, “good life.” (fame, fortune, glitter and glamour). Yet while having all that the world could offer, there was a hole in their heart and a void in their life.

Guests also tell how they came to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and now have forgiveness of sin, a relationship with God and assurance of eternal life in heaven. They also speak of the victory God has given them over the chains and bondage of sin and addiction and the new life they have in Christ; a life filled with hope, peace, joy and purpose along with the ministries they are involved in. Praise the Lord!!! To God be all the glory.


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